Art of Character Design



Image   Image

‘Tom and Jerry’ and ‘Simon’s cat’ inspire me in term of the story and line. Simon’s cat has bold and thick simple line, which makes the animation look very flat, rough and imperfect line that looks like kid hand drawing also give the feeling of childish. Although Tom and Jerry has simple line as well, the line is more flowing and dynamic than Simon’s cat.

Image   Image

As the story happened in Christmas holiday, I want the tone of animation to look warm and pleasant because it’s a happy family moment to contrast the main antagonist who wants to be forever alone. Geri’s game, a short animation film by Pixar inspires the over all tone. The film depicts the moment of Geri happiness that enjoys playing chase with himself, the warm tone and yellowish color of spring helps eminent Geri’s joyfulness.

Image     Image

In term of color, I decide to use white and pink colors to contradict to the character’s personality; gloomy and evil. The idea of color comes from two well-know cat characters, which is Kitty and Marie from Aristocats, both characters have white hair and big pink ribbon, which depicts the feeling or image of cuteness, purity and innocent, so I put some ironic to the character to make it more interesting instead of using dim and black color.


For the texture, even thought we plan to make this 3D animation look like 2D with plain and flat characters, we have the intension to use watercolor texture. Despite making character more interesting, watercolor texture will gives the characters more organic. In a short animation film ‘Out of sight’ by Yu Ya-Thing, the texture is quite subtle but we still acknowledge it, random texture of watercolor also makes the film more liveliness. Moreover, watercolor texture gives the feeling of childish; bringing back the memory of art class in elementary school when we have funny with this traditional art.

Character sketch

by Gib





Color Palette





Key Pose



Orthographic image plane



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