Storyboard Pre-Production


Character Design

My beast and ant are  all in black color because I want to make the characters  really stand out and also represent dark skin people in Africa. I use cut-out style for the background with a lot of texture, so it’ll separate from the beast. I also simplify the shape into very simple form to make it look like ancient Africa art and it’s easier to animate.

Storyboard 1

The idea is to depict Abatwa’s daily life, what they usually do in their routine? Most people normally choose an important moment or event to demonstrate the beast but I think it’s more interesting showing something that we hardly heard or seen in the myth which is their everyday life. Abatwa is very shy, peaceful and friendly so I add a text ‘Sawabona’ which means ‘hello’ in Bantu (one of the language that use in Africa), to display how friendly they are and they ‘re also an unity society; gathering around and help each other preparing food and have dinner together.

Concept Art 1

Storyboard 2

Concept Art 2


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