Final Painting



For my final painting, I focus on the meaning behind the picture more than the aspect or composition. I still emphasize on women role in Abatwa’s society but unlike collage, this project I go even deeper along with using a lot of symbolism. Well, first thing you must notice is they’re four Abatwa people in the painting and three out of four are women, just to refer to majority of the society.


Women on the right with the baby, do you think she look similar? It’s a Madonna and child in Christianity. At first, I try to conjugate female symbol with African’s traditional religion but I found out that they only believed in natural spirit before they convert to Christianity. And if we ask whom the most famous women in Christian, everybody probably think about the Virgin or Madonna.

Other two women are real famous person in the African history.

Women at the back, her name is Sojourner Truth, she was one the first who outspoken support for the women’s rights in 1800s. She born as slavery in New York and after she escaped to freedom, she found that her son was illegally sold to other man, she took the issue to the court and she was the first black women to successfully against white people in US court and continued as a women’s rights activist. Her renewed speech know as ‘Ain’t I a Women?’


A woman at the front with a turban, her name is Wangari Maathai. She was a famous environmentalist from Kenya in Africa in 1900s and also the first African women to won the Nobel Peace Prize. She born in ethic tribe, she graduated Biology degree and became an environment activist with Red Cross Society. Later on, she established ‘Green Belt Movement’ which is an organization that authorizes people to preserve and improve the environment in Africa. I choose this person because in some myth, Abatwa is also the forest protector and environment conservationist.



            In addition, I insert some female symbols in the painting (it’s quite hard to see), for example, there’s a women’ rights power symbol on the jar in Truth’s head and triple spiral as a Celtic symbol of mother on the rock behind the male Abatwa. Moreover, I use pink color for the anthill to depict that female is exclusively control in the household.

  • I paint a stair on the right to represent the hierarchy system in their society.
  • I put the leg on the background to compare the beast size and I also paint it brighter skin referring to white people intruder in African history.
  • I make the texture on the road look like sugar to relating to the ant.

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