Final Collage


In my final collage, I use the bright and saturate color to make the feeling of African’s art, which usually use primary color such as red, blue and yellow. I also put African’s pattern with the beast’s name on it, I try to make font of the name look like it’s written by Africa language. I cut out real African people in the hunting pose because Abatwa is a great hunter-gatherer and I also put the arrows to show that it’s the most proficient weapon. Of course, I put the ants in the collage because they live in the anthill. As you saw, I really emphasize on the ant queen that have white border to make it stands out because I want to focus on gender role in this society. You’ll notice that most of the wall paintings in anthill are women and there’re also female symbol at the back of the ant queen, to represent that women dominate inside the house while men are responsible for gathering food outside. 


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