Character Presentation


Art of Character Design



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‘Tom and Jerry’ and ‘Simon’s cat’ inspire me in term of the story and line. Simon’s cat has bold and thick simple line, which makes the animation look very flat, rough and imperfect line that looks like kid hand drawing also give the feeling of childish. Although Tom and Jerry has simple line as well, the line is more flowing and dynamic than Simon’s cat.

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As the story happened in Christmas holiday, I want the tone of animation to look warm and pleasant because it’s a happy family moment to contrast the main antagonist who wants to be forever alone. Geri’s game, a short animation film by Pixar inspires the over all tone. The film depicts the moment of Geri happiness that enjoys playing chase with himself, the warm tone and yellowish color of spring helps eminent Geri’s joyfulness.

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In term of color, I decide to use white and pink colors to contradict to the character’s personality; gloomy and evil. The idea of color comes from two well-know cat characters, which is Kitty and Marie from Aristocats, both characters have white hair and big pink ribbon, which depicts the feeling or image of cuteness, purity and innocent, so I put some ironic to the character to make it more interesting instead of using dim and black color.


For the texture, even thought we plan to make this 3D animation look like 2D with plain and flat characters, we have the intension to use watercolor texture. Despite making character more interesting, watercolor texture will gives the characters more organic. In a short animation film ‘Out of sight’ by Yu Ya-Thing, the texture is quite subtle but we still acknowledge it, random texture of watercolor also makes the film more liveliness. Moreover, watercolor texture gives the feeling of childish; bringing back the memory of art class in elementary school when we have funny with this traditional art.

Character sketch

by Gib





Color Palette





Key Pose



Orthographic image plane


Final Pitch


CAT and cats

“All CAT ever want is peaceful Christmas; alone on his own bed…and yet it never come true whenever cats come into the room.”

Marry Christmas!

On this blissful holiday, everybody celebrate happily with the family…they make a wish and hope that it will come true. CAT also has a wish, he’s dreaming of warm sleeping bed and want spent a peaceful weekend by himself but it never go the way he want.

CAT, a sluggish Persian cat who do nothing but sleep, he’s celebrating his long weekend by cuddling on his bed. When he almost falls asleep, a ball is rolling in with troublemaker kitten named cat. CAT is very annoying by the kitten, so he throws the ball out to get rid of little kitten. Everything gets back to what it used to be… almost— the ball come back with more cats.

Again, CAT is trying to sleep with all his might but irritating sound keeps coming from the other side of the room, so he decides to leave his comfortable bed to see what happen. When CAT reaches the other side, he founds the same annoying cats (from previous scene) playing annoying toys, causing annoying sound. He calls out to stop them but it doesn’t work. He tries again this time he growls and it works, the kittens scare and run away. CAT satisfies with the result and walks back to his bed to sleep…yet; he can’t because kittens that suppose to disappear are sleeping on his bed.

The time passed by and the night comes, this time CAT has to take an action in order to get rid of those annoying cats, so he sets a trap, luring with a fish. The innocent kittens smell the fish and come right to the trap. CAT captures all the troublemaker cats and sends them to somewhere far away. CAT delights in his succeed, he is going back to sleep…suddenly, a present come out of a fireplace. CAT is excited about the present but when he unwrap the paper—it turns out to be the same box he already sent.




————————————————————- End Part One —————————————————————


————————————————————– End Part Two ———————————————————



——————————————————- End Part Three ————————————————–


CAT : Persian cat who irritates everything accept himself


cats : innocent yet annoying little kittens


Key Visual


I like to use water color for the whole story because the background is quite simple, so it’s more interesting to add some texture instead of using plain color.